Premium Personal 1-2-1 Coaching Program w/ Ayesha Giselle

The 3 or 6 month Premium Personal 1-2-1 Coaching program is designed to ensure you receive 100% of my support with unlimited returns. I will help you to get clear on your goal, help you create a effective plan to help you achieve you, and support every step of the way. I only have limited spaces for this program. This program is not for everyone – it’s for you if you’re keen to make changes and get results ASAP. If that is you and you’re an action taker – Let’s talk.

What’s included:

·         Work with me for 3 or 6 months

·         Get very clear on your Ultimate Goal

·         A full 90 minutes Kick Start Session

·         Weekly 1:1 Accountability Sessions

·         Bespoke coaching – Tailored for your personal success.

Are you ready for success?