How to become successful through daily habits and routines

How to become successful through daily habits and routines


How do you start your mornings? Do you leap out of bed when the alarm goes off, and launch into a virtuous routine of yoga, breakfast, and reading the morning papers? Or do you more typically hit snooze, and end up rushing out of the door at the last possible minute, with a slice of burnt toast clenched between your teeth?


If you take a look at the habits of business heavyweights, it's clear that a daily routine built on good habits really is the difference that separates the most successful amongst us from everyone else. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously wears the same trademark grey T-shirt each day, to save on pre-work decision-making, while Microsoft founder Bill Gates kicks off each day with a one-hour workout.


Not having a consistent routine could be the reason why you're still struggling to get certain areas of your life off the ground. Of course, success takes time – but it could be taking even longer if you have bad habits and routines that sabotage, instead of supporting, your success.


The good news is, if you already know what you want, incorporating a few good habits – like daily marketing for your business, or an energising morning routine – can help you to build on your goals and successes, little by little, each day. Ok, I know that's easier said than done, and I can't promise it will be easy because it won't. Good habits are hard to form but key to success; bad habits, as we all know, are much easier to form but they're not doing you any favours.


However, what I can promise is that once you create a routine full of good habits, that supports your success and that you implement consistently, it will eventually stick. Self-improvement guru Darren Hardy explains this using what he calls the 'Compound Effect' formula: Small, smart choices + Consistency + Time = Radical difference.


In other words, the positive habits and routines that you install will slowly but surely become brain tattoos, making you more productive over time. Rather than struggling through each day and each task, you'll seem to get things done without too much thought or hassle – as if you've trained yourself to be automated for success.


Obviously this only works with the right habits, so the first thing to do is figure out exactly what you need to do in order to end up where you want to be. Have you ever heard anyone say: "Show me your daily habits and I'll tell you where you'll be in five years time"? There's so much truth in this statement, as all the daily choices make and habits you build consistently over time will determine your circumstances and the person you become. So take stock today: What does your routine currently look like, and what habits do you need to build for success?


Chances are you already have some idea of the habits that are holding you back, or the habits you need to install in order to succeed. Often people know what they need to do, but struggle with motivating themselves. Maybe their habits are so ingrained that it just seems too difficult to change, or they don't know where to start so procrastination kicks in and prevents them from reaching beyond their comfort zone. If that sounds like you, I can help.


As a leading accountability and life coach, I work with clients like you to help them get real about their daily routines and clarify the areas they need to be working on. Whether you're having difficulties in your business, personal, or romantic life, I can help you pin down the habits that you need to build – and the ones you need to ditch – to support your success. I've seen the power of accountability and habit tracking in my own life and those of my clients, so I'll also help keep you persistently and consistently on the right track, no matter the obstacles.

About the author:

Ayesha Giselle is a leading life coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, whose mission is to help you become the person you need to be to create the life that you desire. She is a compassionate, honest, result-focused coach who is 100% committed to seeing you become your very best, and helping you live a life full of joy, happiness and success.


Ayesha's coaching programmes and services are designed to:

  • Help you get crystal clear about what it is you want

  • Create a strategy to achieve your goals

  • Open your eyes to the opportunities that lay in front of you

If you need additional help and support to work on your daily habits, your goals or your character I would be happy to help. Book a free chat with me by click the button below.

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